Advice for PE Students

Swine flu - studentBPP recognises that delegates on short-duration Professional Education courses may be concerned about Swine Flu and require clarification on what to do should they become infected and also what BPP’s intentions are.

We have produced a leaflet for all Professional Education students which explains what to do and who to contact should you fall ill, our service promise should your tutor fall ill, useful contact information, plus what BPP will do to help you maintain your studies.

To download a copy of the leaflet please click on the link below.

Swine Flu Student Leaflet (2mb pdf)

Our promise – If you are ill

If you think you are infected with Swine Flu or have been confirmed as having Swine Flu please notify our Customer Service team as soon as possible and keep us informed during your confinement period. If you are ever in doubt, speak to one of our Customer Service personnel.

If you fall ill with Swine Flu, BPP can offer you the following:

  • A free transfer to alternative date/centre in that sitting
  • Additional online support to help you through your course of study at no extra cost
  • An option to defer your course until the next sitting.

Information we require if you fall ill

You will need to provide us with the following information should you fall ill with Swine Flu:

  • Full name
  • Contact address and telephone number
  • Employer (if applicable) and employer address

Our promise – If our tutor falls ill

In the unfortunate case of one of our tutors falling ill we will:

  • Keep centres open wherever possible
  • Provide alternate tutors to cover at short notice
  • Offer alternative dates at the same or alternative centre
  • Amalgamate classes where this is feasible
  • Reschedule part of the course or the whole course where relevant
  • Arrange a free deferral*

*This does not affect our standard terms and conditions.